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Custom Stickers (ULL Only)

If you are looking for stickers to put on your models or to give to others, I am here to help!

Please Email Ai files to

I cannot accept Ai here


Die Cut: These are cut out to the shape of your art. Both sticker and backing paper. Price is PER STICKER

Sticker sheet: I will fit as many as possible on an 8.5x11 sheet. If you want to know exactly how many you will get per sheet, email me with your artwork first.


Unlaminated: Without lamination means that it will not have a protective sheet on top of the print. These are ideal for temporary stickers such as packaging stickers.

Laminated: These have an top sheet that protect the sticker from water and scratches. These are high quality long term stickers. Best for handing out or selling to others.


File Requirements:

These files need to be similar to how you would laser cut. Have a Stroked Cut Layer and a Print Layer
True to Size (Inches)
Background offset (Unless White)
CMYK Profile
Sent as AI File (Email to