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Mini Pronoun Sheets

These waterproof pronoun stickers are a versatile and convenient solution for events and gatherings where pronoun use is important. With up to 120 small stickers on each sheet, you can easily label name tags, badges, and more. Show support for the LGBTQ community by promoting correct pronoun usage and prevent misgendering. Ideal for conventions, hospital staff, weddings, friend groups, and management teams.

Supporting pronoun usage in the workplace promotes a safer and more inclusive environment for the queer and trans community. By acknowledging and respecting an individual's preferred pronouns, it send a message that they are valued and accepted for who they are. This helps reduce the risk of misgendering and other forms of discrimination, which can have profound impact on mental-health and well-being. Inclusivity in the workplace also fosters a more productive and supportive atmosphere, where employees are free to be their authentic selves. By making pronoun support a priority, organizations can show their commitment to diversity, equity, and create a workplace that is safer and welcoming for all.


♡ Laminated

♡ Waterproof (Hand Wash Only)

♡ Super Detailed


*Dimensions may vary ∓ 0.15"

♡ ♡ ♡

♡Dimensions may vary ∓ 0.15"

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Customer Reviews

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Victoria K. Williams
Perfect pronoun solution!

The Mini Pronoun Sheet arrived just in time for us to use them for a weekend event.


Loved it. Perfect for badges at work


Great quality and size for employee badges!


It was great to be able to bring these to work and just leave them in the break room. I loved seeing people use them on their badges, and it opened up several conversations about pronouns and gender identity.


Pronouns and gender representation matters, I bought these for my co-workers so they could share how they identify to others. They're easy to read, and small enough to add to their ID badges so it's not too flashy or obtrusive, perfect for display at work.